Role of a Trustee

Catholic Trustees are accountable to Catholic school electors for…

  • establishing the system’s mission and goals
  • supporting student achievement in the school community
  • establishing the annual budget
  • developing policies to ensure the efficient operation of the board
  • determining the type, size, and location of schools.

“A Trustee’s role is to maintain a focus on student achievement, well-being and equity and to participate in making decisions that benefit the board’s entire jurisdiction while representing the interests of their constituents. They must also communicate the views and decisions of the board back to their constituents.”

I am passionate about education and about providing children the supports and resources they require in order to achieve their full potential.

That’s why I am running as a candidate who will continue to foster and promote this wonderful relationship, through open communication and by representing the interests of all – Schools, Parish and Families.


Renewing the Promise
A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education

In the latest Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education, the Bishops wrote that the Trustees “are entrusted with the profound responsibility of stewardship of the mission of Catholic education.”  The letter uses the scriptural account of the Road to Emmaus as the basis for their reflection on the mission and vision of Catholic education, celebrating that a true encounter with Jesus can and does take place, each and every day within our Catholic schools. Read more here.