Elect Lawrence Badanai

Our children need a new voice, a strong champion to promote their interests & advance their goals.

Badanai Trustee Candidate

Our children need a new voice, a strong champion, to promote their interests & advance their goals. That’s why I’m running for Trustee of the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board. I’m passionate about education & providing children with the support & resources they require to achieve their fullest potential.

Creative Leadership

Creative leadership is a universally sought after skill. It’s crucial to the success of individuals, teams and even corporations. I am a creative leader and a community arts educator with my wife Candi where we empower children with confidence through the performance arts. One of the best things we can do for our children is to foster a creative learning environment where students feel free to express themselves.

Leader in Privacy & Communications

I work in health care as a Privacy & Communications Officer (Northwest Health Alliance) & previously was a Corporate Communications & New Media Consultant (North West LHIN). I am a highly motivated professional with a proven record of accomplishments in planning and leading comprehensive communications strategies in support of organizational goals and objectives within numerous industries including corporate, Government, Health Care, First Nations, and non-profit organizations.

Community Building

The latest Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education stated that Trustees “ are entrusted with the profound responsibility of stewardship of the mission of Catholic education.” Together we need to renew the great promise of Catholic Education, and be reminded that we bring particular gifts and charisms that are responsive to the signs of our times. Together we can build a community that build relationships, encourages engagement and instills hope.

A Younger Voice

Although having children currently attending school should not be a condition to serve as a school board trustee, I believe that it is necessary to have that perspective at the board table. I will bring a fresh perspective to the table, that of a parent with a young child to the discussions at hand. I believe I can relate to the daily concerns and tribulations of young families and will seek to learn from others and hear their stories. As a father of a young child, I'm excited for the opportunity to bring a younger voice to the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board.

Support for all Students

All students should have an opportunity to succeed in their educational pursuits. Working together we can make our Catholic school communities places of accessibility, inclusion, & sharing. From mental health to special needs, every student's individual requirements should to be listened to with an open heart and ear to assist them and their families.

Rejoice Catholic Education

The Catholic School System is distinct from the public secular school system. The Thunder Bay Catholic School Board school’s foster spirituality and produce top academic and community-minded graduates.. We need to rejoice and be thankful for what we have while also celebrating what we can do moving forward. We need to continue to share what makes us unique and strengthen support of Catholic education.


News and articles from the campaign trail for Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board Trustee.

Giving Thanks

With the Thanksgiving weekend upon us, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend. To all my family, friends, and supporters, thank you for your kindness and support during this campaign. To all my new friends who I’ve met over these past couple of months on the campaign trail, I am in gratitude to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and for your gracious offers of support. Thunder Bay is full of amazing people who truly have passion for our community, our children’s education, and the safety & inclusion of our children at our educational facilities.

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